This is Tina Barett who is/was one of the members of the pop band ‘S Club 7’. The picture to the left is how she looked when the band was still going the right it a recent photo.
A news story popped up about her doing a photoshoot and when I saw the photo and acredited as her I sort of stared at it and for a while really didn’t think it was her as I remembered her looking much different back in SClub’s heyday.

I googled this and wish the pics were in chronological order (or dated) because if i go from how old she looks,  she’s being getting lighter and lighter 

She’s half Guyanese
sad panda :( 

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    At first I thought she was whitewashed in a photoshoot. Then I clicked on the link. Guys, have you ever heard of...
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    O_O wow..
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    she’s British and Guyanese, so brown is a natural tone on her… how she got so pale is beyond me.
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    Umm… Well, actually, she has always been pretty light. Just google her. This is like one of very few pics in which her...
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    This is how I remember her.
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    —dear, sweet Afro-Arabian Jesus..
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    I used to love SClub7….this is so sad.
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    she was my favourite :(
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    whiteness is a helluva drug
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    Um. I’ll be the first to admit I’m gullible, so before I buy into this….is this a joke? Because my mind is not wrapping...
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    I didn’t think they made lights powerful enough to whitewash the ever-loving fuck out of someone’s skin like that. Jesus...
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    say what?! no fuckin way
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